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I find the lack of antagonistic language, the focus on cooperation and on working with international organizations like UNESCO plus the generally uplifting tone of this document noteworthy. I compare this with my own government’s (USA, Germany) initiatives and am envious of the leadership that the Chinese people happen to have. Thanks for posting this.

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Thank you Karl, readers might find this report from Jeff J Brown sheds some context: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2023/11/26/a-critique-of-the-recent-article-in-the-new-yorker-magazine-by-evan-osnos-chinas-age-of-malaise/

There are some excellent background and data highlights that please the soul.

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I agree with Johan Goergen WRT "... the lack of antagonistic language..." and would add, 'the language is beautiful' and for me connects more ancient times to our own 'modern day'.

Beyond the phrases that read like ancient Chinese proverbs, which summerise the intentions of the scheme, and are then followed up with specific practical proposals, there was "... we have jointly promoted the "... "four-in-one" interconnection of land, sea, space and network...", which for me was a restatement of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire - that were the precursor of what we understand now as 'modern science'. Although modern science is more the result of 'the scientific method(ology)' than posers in white coats.

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