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200 years of hatred of Russia is deeply embedded in the Western narratives.

This article gives a different narrative. One that exposes colonialization. A narrative that speaks to almost all people of the world, even some of those in the West, because the narrative described in this article is a way to work together for the betterment of all.

I recently heard about a study of the differences between monolingual and bilingual people. Bilingual people are better able to ignore irrelevant material because they have to have the other language "at the ready." Monolingual people often handle irrelevant material: suppress or inhibit. The avalanche of advertising and political propaganda requires active effort to handle irrelevant material and most people rely on a dominant narrative because they are overwhelmed to understand what is going on.

If one is trapped in the narrative of "the essential nation" it is hard if not impossible to conceive of a multipolar world.

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I'm curious, does BRICS find allies in the fair trade movement? It seems to have similar goals to BRICS. I buy fairly traded goods whenever possible. Those of us who do are aware of how unjust the global economic system is.

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Thank you.

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