The empire's bases are nominally 'claws' hooking into the flesh of its victims... but in fact they are fat, effete, pain sensitive fingers and obvious points of attack upon the 'body' itself.

This is already taking place and doubtless, I'd think, will accelerate and proliferate.

MSM keeps the facts very quiet, of course.

Once it gets out and become common knowledge that the USA body is having its fingers cut off and can't do anything to stop it then many things will surely begin to fall? US prestige? US safety, security from attack? US believability? US freedom of movement? US freedom from accountability? US access to many things/places?

And so on...

This is a strange time and I think we could say it is like no other 'the American time'.

For three massive things (at least):

. Kiev Ukraine committing suicide, mass annihilation of its own people after first cutting off a quarter of them and declaring war on them.

. Israel committing suicide and destroying all sympathy, all plausability, all chance of 'friendly future'.

. The USA following suit with the above two. Who, of course, are doing it because the US tells them to, makes it possible for them to do.

How to make sense of this TOTAL lunacy?

It's easy, really, isn't it?

There is NO USA. Not as we think. Not a Nation State with a government with some concern for that State (at whatever cost to its peoples)

For the first time in the history of the world I think (not being any scholar of history or anything else) we have a large and powerful State run entirely for the benefit of a few private individuals.

You might say 'no' and point to hereditary monarchs and dynasties.

But I say 'yes' and point to their determination to have 'their' State persist and reign, grow.

Because - so simple - they had nowhere else to be.

BUT today those who 'run' America for their own ends are NOT 'citizens' of America in any real sense.

In the most real sense they see themselves as 'citizens of the world'.

They are at home in the WORLD.

If America turns into a crapheap, as it appears to be doing, and the living becomes uncomfortable and the pickings get slim - what do they care??

They will live elsewhere. Any beautiful place far removed from the madding crowd.

Their wealth and business interests already being global. Even the American business interests being really largely global with offshore factories etc.

'Nationhood' must look really quaint to them.

They are businessmen.

No more. No less. And they concern themselves with business. With balance sheets and profit and loss accounts: and prospects for future massive profits here or there.

People, nations... not their business unless they affect profits.

So: it profits American 'big business' for Kiev to commit slow suicide.

AND it profits the 'big money' that IS Kiev, too.

And it profits American 'big business' for Israel to commit slow suicide. And it profits the big money in Israel too.

And it profits American 'big business' for America to slide into ruin... which is why they allow it and actually accelerate it..

It is not 'insanity' if you follow the logic of Business 101. America's God: Mammon.

And it profits

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Meanwhile, back at home the iron-bound members of Congress (nearly all of them) are “Re-assessing” their fealty to AIPAC and Israel itself- as are increasing numbers of Jewish Americans. It’s an amusing thought picturing the minions of AIPAC scampering about like Keystone Cops (or headless chickens)! “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near “ (Jim Morrison)

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Nov 28, 2023Liked by Karl Sanchez

'Must' being 'Mandatory' is the 'international law' trajectory. The sloMo legal route via the UN, both the GA and SC, maneouvres is paying dividends. The visible tragedy - and it is a 'tragedy' in the classical Greek and Shakespearian tradition - in Gaza (which because of the murder of children) may overshadow the equally gruesome situation in Ukraine, but the truths behind both 'sacrifices' will eventually become common knowledge. If not within the empire's media bubble certainly in the RoW.

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